v5.0 membership only version of the site, coming soon.

Current status 96% setup! Site may open in November – December 2020, maybe.

Whats left to do? Just update the terms/privacy then add content, after that a test phase for desired membership settings forward and backward. I could have had this site up completely in a single day but I am running quite a few sites and coding which has me working very slowly and all of this is a side hustle of mine.

If you have ever been a member on ArtofShadows some of the content you will have seen before. I am picking what goes in each section and will make lots of the content stuff you have never seen plus the stuff I have never uploaded before will be added. When the first section membership is available it may not have much of a preview, kind of site unseen, I may go with this format due to the low pricing.

Some of the new sections will be hand picked “Most Popular”, “Special/Ultra Premium”, but most “Month/Year” default setup. The setups may change a tad in the first few weeks, there will be a public blog here as well for site experiences, webmaster stuff, promotional for models, unfiltered info, and more. Keep in mind like since the very first version of AOS there is always an upgraded access role for the best non problematic members, this allows some extra memberships to show most normal member’s will not be able to access.

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