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Membership Details
  • Welcome, the memberships listed are for collections of posts called “Lurker #”, basically you are getting to see more from the shoots that would otherwise never be seen. There may be other various membership collections added too. This site started a few years ago at the request of quite a few visitors who wanted to see more from the shoots. After repeatedly getting requests I decided to call their bluff and started working on a membership system. We would post just a few shots online and that just wasn’t enough, now we have automated it for a membership to these larger posts you can sign up for any time of the day.
  • When you buy one of these memberships you will have an account dashboard with all your active and non active memberships. You can then go to a directory which lists all the posts. Each photo post is a grid of photos with a larger lightbox to view bigger images. There is full screen with slideshow, keyboard navigation, swipe, and a few more functions. Video post have a simple video player embedded with a few simple options. We are working on more smart navigation functions too.
  • Lurker No. #, these memberships are a collection of various model posts each containing a part from a photo and/or video shoot. There will be many of these available over time. Most of the posts are photo posts.
  • Every shoot can have anywhere between 5-30 photo parts and then some video parts too.
  • A photo part looks like this S2P4, S2 means “Shoot 2” indicating the second shoot with this model. P4 means “Part 4” from this shoot.
  • A video part looks like this S2V5, very similar but the “V5” meaning the 5th video from shoot 2.
  • Photo parts can have 15-150 photos, really the goal is around 30-50 each though. Video parts can be 30 seconds to 10+ minutes. Usually 2-5 minutes.
  • These parts are not heavily edited, usually lightly adjusted in Lightroom (photos) if at all. I do post many unedited in these collections. Videos take more time, the edits are pretty simple cuts blended with some music, some may just be BTS type.
  • If you know we have shot a model you can request for the parts to be put in the next Lurker.
  • Big Lurker may become a membership, for now it’s just a discount code for various Lurker memberships.
  • The default access time to view all your posts in each membership is 45 days unless its labeled something else. All current memberships are one time buys and non recurring unless specifically stated. You can always renew a membership to any collection you like even early and it will add more time to your current.
  • A shoot title gives you a lot of info all compacted about each individual post “Model Name S1P2 M 50”.
  • Ratings are shown in the title of each posts “S, M, R”, Safe, Moderate (provocative or some nudity), Restricted (full nudity). Very much the same as Flickr, I had to learn this by being moderated many times there.
  • At times a blog post of a shoot may be posted and in it an option to buy access to some individual posts may be offered. These can be read publicly but a pay option will be shown below to unlock more photos included in the post.
  • We may offer other memberships over time, but the main format will be Lurker collections.
  • Members who buy often may have upgraded system access, basically allows more collections to show up in the shop or other page.
  • Pricing is variable on these sets, generally these are less expensive per post than the older system we had up before.
  • Payments and data are encrypted here for your privacy. If you want to pay over Venmo or Square Cash that can be arranged, just use the “Kontakt” page to send a email for details also letting us know what you want to purchase.